Network Staff

The following members of our network have administrative powers over the network and should be contacted for any and all assistance.

Nickname Time Position
VorteX 09:27 pm Co-Founder, Co-Owner, Chief NetAdmin; Arizona & London Server Administrator
Vass 12:27 pm NetAdmin; Nevada, Services & New Jersey Server Administrator
Zyrell 10:27 pm Co-Owner & Network Administrator
Aio 02:27 pm Network Administrator
JonM 07:27 pm Net Admin(Reserve)
Kitahashi 10:27 pm Arizona Server Co-Administrator
DrPhil 08:27 pm Global Operator
Karo 07:27 pm Global Operator
Tchrgk 09:27 pm Global Operator
CGinCA 07:27 pm Global Operator (Reserve)
Taylor 03:27 am Co-Founder, NetAdmin (Reserve)
Tyra 09:27 pm Global Operator (Reserve)